Why use Books4Students?

Many students have books they do not use, but who could be valuable to other students.
We give those students the opportunity to sell and buy books with one another.
Using the platform is completely free and accessible for all students.

  • how to sell your book

    First of all you need to make an account and login. After that you can simply add a book to the list of books you want to sell.

  • purpose of selling your book

    Millions of trees are consumed every year to make books. By selling your book to another student, that student doesn't need to buy a brand new one. This could spare the life of a tree.

  • ucll

    UCLL stands for University Colleges Leuven Limburg. It is a fusion between the university college of Leuven and the university college of Limburg.

  • our associates

    We work together with the Student Council of the UCLL.

  • How it works

    Selling or buying books goes via the email traffic of your ucll account or mail address. So keep a close eye on your email when selling or buying a book!

  • any questions or remarks?

    You can use the contact form on the bottom of every page, by clicking on the mail icon, to send your questions or remarks to the support team.